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What is a Pop Up Wedding?

The basic definition of a Pop Up Wedding is a "simple and sweet ceremony celebrated with a small group of people."

New to the tri-state area are the Cincinnati Pop Up Weddings taking place on the Purple People Bridge. The trend of having Pop Up Weddings as opposed to traditional and expensive weddings are growing in popularity across the country. Cities like Chicago, New York, Houston and many more are adapting the idea of Pop Up Weddings as a more cost-effective, less stressful and simpler way to plan a wedding. Pop Up Weddings are perfect for couples to manage social distancing amongst guests or simply celebrate their love with a small group of people closest to them.

Want to know more about the dynamic of a Pop Up Wedding? Keep reading!

How Does a Pop Up Wedding Work?

The bride and groom select a one hour time slot during the day of the Pop Up Weddings. There are multiple time slots available from noon to 7:00pm. Multiple couples will get married at the same location, with the same set-up, on the same day but at different times. This keeps costs to a minimum for the couple. They don't have to organize event equipment as the host company (ColdIron Event Rentals) is responsible for the tent set-up, and management of the event rental equipment. Prior to the wedding date, the couple will fill out a brief questionnaire to determine the music they want to play, the type of cake and flowers they want, the type of ceremony they want and more. On the day of the wedding, each couple will show up to their selected time slot and their simple, short and elegant wedding ceremony and photoshoot with a high-end, professional photographer will begin. When their time ends, they will pick up their belongings and exit the venue. The next couple will then enter for their wedding.

Cincinnati all-inclusive pop up wedding package includes a tent, ceremony seating for 20 people, music, an officiant, flowers, a couples cake, a 15-minute ceremony, and professional high-end photography held on Cincinnati's most scenic wedding venue the world-famous Purple People Bridge for only $2,495.

The Wedding Timeline (Sample)

12 pm

The groom, guests, and officiant arrive.

12:10 pm

The bride arrives and walks down the aisle to music selected by 

the couple and the ceremony begins.

12:25 pm

The ceremony ends, couples/family pictures begin.

12:25 - 12:40 pm

Professional pictures begin with the city in the background as a backdrop.

12:40 - 12:45 pm

The photo session ends, the cake is given to the bride and groom, and the party exits the bridge.

All guests must exit the bridge by 12:45 pm as the next Pop Up Wedding will begin at 1:00 pm. 

*Note this is a sample timeline, each wedding will occur at different times on the hour. Time slots start at 12:00pm and run through 7:00 pm. Therefore, if you select a 4:00 - 4:45 pm time slot, your event will begin at 4:00 pm and run through 4:45 pm with the same timeline as above. 


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